February 16th, 2012

Fun New Things

There are a few other fun new things in my life right now besides this little nugget!

I have new glasses… and a new camera! So that means: new lenses… har har har.

I bought a Nikon CoolPix L120 on Amazon. It’s a great, affordable camera that has more capability than a point-and-shoot but is not a DSLR. I saved up many gift cards to afford it, so it’s been a long time and coming for this upgrade.

B had some excitement recently as well. The hotel where he works was swarming with celebrities over Super Bowl weekend. (You know, that football game that was here in Indianapolis?) Well look who came down to introduce himself to the chef…

That’s Peter Dante, aka Dante from Grandma’s Boy, one of my favorite movies! He does a lot of Adam Sandler movies, so you might recognize him even if you haven’t seen Grandma’s Boy. B got to chat with him for a while, and he gave B the CD you see above. B said he was really nice – it was definitely the coolest moment of the weekend!

This week was great as well… Valentine’s Day, and I actually got to spend it with Big Daddy!

We had an awesome dinner at Scotty’s Lakehouse. That place gets better every time we go! I needed a few beers, and the great company was perfect too.

My monthly Birchbox also arrived on Valentine’s Day.

The items included (with their full-sized prices) were:

  • beautyblender the original beautyblender $25.95 / 2
  • Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint $38
  • Orofluido Beauty Elixir $29.99
  • Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos $15 / 3

This Birchbox was slightly more disappointing than the stellar January one. The beautyblender (a makeup sponge) looks awesome, but I would never, ever pay $26 for two makeup sponges. Ever. I’m almost scared to become addicted to it. The Jouer tinted moisturizer is pricy for me at full size ($38 for 1.7 ounces!!!), and the sample size in the box is tiny. Like, so so tiny. Tinier than the photo can convey. And try as I might, I cannot imagine a single instance where I’d want or need to wear glittery lip tattoos. I am excited to see how the Orofluido essential oil hair treatment does, though! It’s in the bathroom to use tomorrow AM. And the heart nail file extra that came was cute and functional.

If you want to get your own Birchbox full of goodies, use this link so I get points! What did you get different in your Birchbox? And more importantly… someone come to Indy to wear glitter lip tattoos with me?

5 comments to Fun New Things

  • Auntie KJ! Love you so much and so happy for B! You are such an inspiration about what it is to be a supportive wife. <3

  • Twinner

    I don’t know why, but I can’t stop laughing about the glitter lips! PLEASE wear them somewhere, just for funsies. Maybe just run into a gas station with some glitter lips. PLEASE!

    love youuuu

  • I am also fascinated with the glitter lips, I was thinking at first they could be good for Halloween or New Years but both those days you want to drink and it seems those would inhibit eating and drinking!

  • Amy

    I use a drop of that hair oil on my hair every morning and I swear to you, it has cut my blow-dry time in half. My stylist actually recommended it to me and gave me a TON of samples, and I really, really love it. I’m not a big beauty products person (I just use the cheap basic stuff), but I love that hair oil! :)

  • So glad to hear that you’ve had a burst of happiness in your life!

    Also, the obvious answer to what you have a use for glittery lip tattoos is Lipsticktember! :)

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