October 18th, 2011

Belated Recaps: NJ Part 1

Oh… how do I document my time in NJ? It was AMAZING and so needed! As usual, the only thing missing was Big Daddy. Oh how I cannot wait until his school is over and we can do things together again!

Since it’s, you know, OCTOBER… get in a warm state of mind. Since this was back in August.

I arrived kind of late at night, and my mom and sister Rosh did NOT have any bagels or pizza in the car for me. Boo. They made up for it the next day though… it started with the beach! I tried to get my mom to take our picture and unfortunately most attempts looked like this…

After some adjustments, I did get a few good ones. Still love ya, Mom!

BOO to the wind though!

Rosh had just gotten back from Fiji a week or so earlier, so it was GREAT hearing her stories. The weather was cool- in the 70′s!- and the water was rough and cold. So I got some sun, but no swim. After we got our share of the sun, it was time to head to one of my favorite places in the world… PETE & ELDA’S!

The pizza there… it is… amazing. Paper thin and delicious. I made this eatery a requirement.

Rosh and I stopped to take a pic on the way in. I said, “make a pouty face.”

Uh yea… miscommunication there.

After the delicious Pete & Elda’s trip, I met up with a large group of friends at a local NJ bar I love, Just Jake’s. Rosh came too with her friend Erika, since they are all finally 21! I got some great pics with my friends and spent a lot of time catching up.

The next day, we went to another one of my favorite places… New York City! It was me, Rosh, and Mommers again. We spent time in Times Square people-watching and deciding what show to see. And of course… we had to see the Naked Cowboy.

So. Awkward.

We decided to go see Billy Elliot for a show later, so we went early and bought tickets… more on that later :-) Then we went to dinner, where we waited for my other sister Min and (her then boyfriend, now fiancĂ©) Aaron! They met us for dinner and we all caught up and ate well. We ran to the show (late… typical) and then after, Min and Aaron decided to peace out. Which meant Rosh then had nowhere to stay so she went home with Mommers. It was ok though, because I still had plans… with my bestest high school buddies!!!!

Pictured are my friends Amanda, Emily, Lauren, Hooch, and me. Clearly Hooch isn’t her real name, but she’s another Lauren, so it’s easier. Sorry Hooch.

Hooch lives above a Brother Jimmy’s (legendary) so we went there! Clearly we got a fishbowl. You have to!


My sister’s awesome pal Anna came to visit me too. Love this girl.

Also visiting me? One of my best best friends and bridesmaids, Jem!

Ok that’s not the cutest photo of me but seriously… this chica is my world!

Someone I don’t love? THIS GIRL.

No idea who she was but she was blacked out, and kept bumping into us and spilling drinks on us. So I just took a picture straight in her face. And told her friend she should take her home. Seriously, people… take care of your blacked out friends!

Also… poll time. Does this guy look like he could be related to Bradley Cooper?

I think yes. Most people think no.

We got some delicious late night food after leaving Bro J’s and then crashed at Hooch’s place. The best part about crashing there? Wait for it…


Hooch and her fiancé have an ADORABLE puppy named Milo! He was so playful and photogenic!

That tongue is just too much!

After a night of partying and a morning of lounging with Milo & friends, it was time to head back to NJ. I caught a cab to Port Authority and then took an express bus back to the local mall. Mommers picked me up and took me home… and after I showered, it was time for some FAMILY BONDING involving my baby twin cousins! Stay tuned for part two!

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