July 13th, 2011

iPhone Funzies

My iPhone provides me hours of entertainment. Some of my current favorite apps are Hanging With Friends, Instagram, Groupon, and Talking Carl. But some of my all-time favorite iPhone entertainment is in the form of simple text messages from my buddies.

You may remember my failed attempt at texting our pal Layla (yet successful attempt at making new friends.) This month I’ve gotten all my numbers right, but have still been amused.

First was a text that I keep laughing about from my old coworker and office-mate, Nick. Nick, Danielle and I shared an office and us girls used to jam to rap music, much to his chagrin. He texted me a few weeks ago to ask how my new job was going. I responded, and then, well…


This one is to be continued… but seriously, how can you not laugh at this everytime?

Then there are my insane sisters… Min, out of the blue last week:

Disclaimer- apparently Min says this was her AND Rosh. And FYI MOM- I GOT MIN’S PERMISSION TO POST THIS. (She always yells at me about that. Love you Mommers.)

And speaking of my sister Rosh, here she is… freshly back on US soil after her trip to Fiji, preparing for her 21st birthday:


Which  brings us full circle, right back to my quiet coworker Nick. The continuation of the above convo:

I can’t help that I’m so in love with Robert Van Winkle.

So friends… do you have an active “text” life?

ps… <3Nilla<3 He’s #6 in my top 5.

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