May 30th, 2011

Hogggg Roast 2011

Yesterday was my favorite holiday… the HOG ROAST! It is a huge party that some of Big Daddy’s friends throw every year. It was the 6th or 7th annual hog roast… B couldn’t remember and I know that there was definitely a repeat one in 2007 (I had just started dating B that month but had to walk in my college graduation that day) but I have been in 2008, 2009, 2010, and now 2011. My sister Min and her friend Connie were at the ’08 and ’09 hog roasts. Last year I lost my camera’s memory card the next day so I have no pictures, which is fine because I was sent home early.

This year I am happy to report that did NOT get sent home early, and (mostly) held myself together! Huzzah!

B made all the sides… jicama slaw, roasted veggie cous cous, and this amazing ridiculous mac-n-cheese. I made the OMG crazy brownies Kevin & Amanda just posted. All were a hit. The mac-n-cheese was like… punch a baby in it’s face good. Seriously. I would do that to get to it.

The party was a blast. There were probably 10 dogs there. And lots of flippy cup.

Normal KJ photos…

As per usual, I got fist-happy while drinking. (HAWAIIAN PUNCH, anyone?)

(It was drizzling at this point and I was protecting my hair from becoming wavy. FYI.)

I also entered a few beer bonging challenges. You know, because I am the Caldwell/West Caldwell 2002-2003 Co-Ed Beer Bonging Champion. (Sorry Mom.) (She’s always told me I need to drink beer “like a normal person.” I only sometimes listen.)

This one here, I did NOT win. My opponent, I believe, won some sort of land speed record for funneling. I gave him credit where credit was due.

One of my favorite dogs at the festivities was Gigi, the Boston!

(Yes that’s my Vera. And no, our pugs did not attend. They can’t be trusted. Anywhere, ever.)

The night ended with more fisticuffs.

Some non-photographed highlights? I asked someone to punch me in the titty (my EXACT WORDS) so that I could get rid of my hiccups. I thought it would work. It did not. This was my late-night attempt to tweet to you all that someone punched me in the titty:

I also stole someone’s eye drops. I had brought my allergy eye drops with me. This morning I went to get them and realized it was a different brand, and almost empty. I said something along the lines of “that’s weird…” and B informed me that I grabbed them off the table at the party while announcing that no one was going to steal my eye drops, and that they were MINE, dammit. Awesome.

Minus the above, I got through the party without any regretful moments! 2011 Hog Roast = SUCCESS!

And no, I didn’t go to the race this year. We both worked. But we have the day off tomorrow!

Anyone else have fun parties like this to look forward to every year?

14 comments to Hogggg Roast 2011

  • You crack me up. I love your Vera. I have a new Vera that I have been waiting to bust out on vacation.

  • Best. Drunk. Tweet. EVER. And I love that you’re a decent amount of years removed from college and still bong beers. That, my friend, makes you my hero.

  • hahahah this looks awesome!!! A few things:

    1) You are lookin’ skinnnyyyyyy!!!! Awesome work, my friend.
    2) I want that shirt, cuz it’s black with shiny things! Where is it from?
    3) Where’s the pics of the FOOOOOOOOOOODDDD?!??!?!?!
    4) You make awesome drunk faces!

  • This just reminds me that we regretfully did not play flip cup at the bbq I was at this weekend. Fail.

    Love the boston terrier, love your vera, love your drunk tweet.

  • Not gonna lie, I totally stalked your photos on facebook and already knew that 2011 HOG ROAST was successful! :P I wish I could have been there and I LOVE LOVE YOUR DRUNK TEXT. :D

  • Looks like an amazing weekend!

  • Is it super lame that I don’t know how to play flip cup, and have never heard of it? I’m super jealous of your annual hog roast. Looks like fun!
    Oh, and by the way, I can see your weight loss! You’re looking amazing!

  • MK

    I’m vicariously living through this post, pretending I played flip cup this past weekend…or did anything, for that matter. For the record, if I tried to bong a beer (and wasn’t pregnant…obviously) I would most definitely vomit everywhere, so cheers to you because you’re amazing. After 9 months of not drinking, I’m wondering if I’ll be able to get a shot down without gagging. (Won’t stop me.) I love your Vera and I love your face. That’s pretty much it.

  • Dancy

    This is awesome. We were at Jenks this weekend & it was as horrible/awesome as you might imagine. We didn’t play flip cup (unfortch cuz I RULE at it) or have keg stands, but may have been a beerbong leftover from Halloween shaped like a skull & spine that might’ve made an appearance… I’m just sayin’. :) Glad you guys had an awesome time despite the rain!!

  • This looks like pure amazingness!! We have a pig roast that our friends hold every year around July 4, but it’s a lot of families and babies. So.. no flippy cup :(

  • Hahahaha! Note to self, punching one in the titty will not cure hiccups! Good to know! ;)

  • bahhahahaa. I’m so happy we are friends. Truly, just so incredibly happy. This post makes me giggle. I love that you beer bong and that you go to something called a hog roast. Please visit soon, k thanks?

  • Humph. I’m going to have to talk to B because I don’t really like Alton’s Mac’n'Cheese… maybe he has a hint?

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