April 27th, 2011


Welcome to my first Weigh-in Wednesday!

-3 week

-3 total

I started last Wednesday, but didn’t grocery shop at all this week. Points+ is a lot harder than the old Points were, for me at least. I did great on points but ended up eating a lot of carbs, and high-point more filling foods like nuts. I made a veggie burger with cheese and chicken one night, and it was more points for the CHEESE than the bacon! Doesn’t that sound weird? I haven’t felt deprived, but I’ve felt stifled.

Shopping tonight, I bought some yummy point-smart stuff. Apples- someone once told me they had more caffeine than a cup of coffee. I have no idea if that’s true or if it was meant to be that eating one woke you up more than coffee, but either way, I plan to start my day that way. I have a hard time eating until around 9am unless I wake up late, like on a weekend. This should be a great early morning starter! I also got baby carrots (in mini packs) to eat with hummus.

Something I’ve indulged in a bit this week for my sweet tooth was a thin piece of nut and seed wheat toast (a GREAT bread choice) with homemade cinnamon sugar butter. But uh, the butter? More points than the bread! Tonight I bought a tub of better P+ butter. I had to choose between I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Light and Brummel & Brown. I chose the B&B because it was the exact same nutritional info (1 p+ per tablespoon), but sounded better. It is blended with natural yogurt. And it didn’t have to be labeled “light.” I put a bunch in a small glass resealable container, and mixed it with a bunch of cinnamon (0 p+), Splenda (0 p+), and a pinch of salt. Perfect! Now instead of being 4 p+, it’s just 1 p+ for this sweet spread when I need it!

Also… I tried a blueberry tonight. And sort of liked it. You all should realize how huge of a deal this is. What healthy things should I bake blueberries into now?

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  • Sara

    I actually just joined tonight and I’m really excited to read all my info and get with it!

    The cinnamon butter sounds yummy! For the blueberries I find super fresh to be very important otherwise I don’t like the texture and throw them in a smoothie. Frozen blueberries are great for muffins, over fresh in that case, don’t know why but they just hold up better in my opinion.

  • Blueberries in oatmeal! Or, real, Redi-Whip whipped cream in the can is actually very low points with fresh blueberries… yummmmmmmm!!! OR, get some vanilla yogurt, add some blueberries and crunchy cereal and you have a parfait!

  • I second the oatmeal idea. Oatmeal is gross unless you add fruit, then it’s delicious.

    And about the apple thing .. I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that. I can’t believe someone told you that!! HAHA! I also love the people that freak out because fruit has sugar. OH NO! ;) Yes, fruit has natural sugar, that’s why it’s SWEET. It’s a healthy kind of sugar, though, that you body easily processes into energy unlike it’s unrefined sugar counterpart. Good luck girl!! You’ll do great.

  • I’m pretty sure this isn’t a WW recipe, but it has blueberries and it is delicious:

    Great job on the loss this week! Keep it up!

  • blueberries are the best. if you want to trick yourself into thinking you are eating candy, freeze them individually on a cookie sheet, then store them in zip lock bags in the freezer. when you eat them its like giant dipping dots of deliciousness.

    Also there is a chemical that prevents neural degeneration and it is only found in blueberries and walnuts, so yummy and good for your brain!

  • I hope you getting back on will be a motivation for me! I’m so happy you had a blueberry. Go you! I love them and have started loving them just plain by themselves which I didn’t used to (except frozen!).

    I just started buying B&B a couple of months ago and love the switch. I use butter for things a lot and boy does that save on calories!

  • Dancy

    Yes! The new plan is a lot harder than the old one. I might just recalculate everything with my old WW calculator & stick to it that way. I think they changed it because it was so easy & people were losing weight without paying for their system. Not a fan of that.

    Apples are high in sugar, not caffeine so that’s why they jolt you awake in the morning. Careful if that’s the only thing you’re eating, it could make you hungry again quickly.

    I’ve never actually used B&B. Do you like it better than ICBINB?

    And YAY for -3lbs & trying new things. :)

  • Now that I’ve gotten into the groove of the new WW plan, I love it.

    I love blueberries in Cheerios and mixed into yogurt. Yum!

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