April 28th, 2011

Indiana Breweries Kick-off

Tonight I had the pleasure of seeing my cousin John for the first time in a while, while he was signing his book at Thr3e Wise Men here in Broad Ripple.

B and I arrived around six and started with dinner. We got in some great intermittent conversation with John (between his adoring fans), and met some awesome friends and acquaintances of his.

We walked out with two growlers, full bellies, and two copies of Indiana Breweries (one for my boss’s husband, since he couldn’t make it.) Both my cousin John and the other author Nate signed our books. It was a fun time, and we were so excited to get the books in our possession, finally!

There’s the book, with L-R, authors Nate Schweber and my cousin John Holl, and of course me, aka KJ.

The book is awesomely addictive. We’re both suckers for history tied into interesting present-day stuff, like BEER and my love for it. So yea, the book’s awesome so far. I really look forward to learning about some of the breweries in our state we haven’t been to yet.

Tomorrow I’ll catch up with the guys at a different book signing! More to come!

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