April 25th, 2011

Freakin Monday

Guys, I am STRUGGLING today!

I have to admit, I had an awesome weekend and Easter. I worked Old Navy at 8:00am on Saturday – a long shift. I got to see B for about an hour until he went off to work. I did some cooking and preparing for Easter, and then got to sleep at a somewhat reasonable hour.

Sunday. Ohhh Easter Sunday. I was supposed to work 12:00-6:30, and would have completely missed the Easter meal at B’s aunt’s house. I manged to trade shifts, but it meant I had the “janitor” shift. I started at 7:00am. And I spent my whole shift cleaning. Sweeping and mopping the entire store. Scrubbing the toilets and sinks. Washing all the windows and mirrors. Changing lightbulbs. All that stuff you never think of.

I never want to see another cleaning supply. That SUCKED. I’ll take working the sales floor, please!

I didn’t even expect to be working until last week. I thought they’d be closed on Easter. Nope. Not even holiday pay! I guess I was under the mistaken impression that Easter is a holiday? Oh well- I still had fun with the other employees working early and managed to get to Easter on time.

And what’s Easter without a bunny?

Meet Molly, B’s Aunt P’s little bun bun! She hopped around and visited us as we all were on the couches in our food coma. We had a blast hanging out with B’s dad, stepmom, Aunt P and Uncle R, my sis in law and her hubby, B’s brother A, and their step brother and his girlfriend. It was awesome company and the perfect way to spend Easter.

I stayed up way too late last night for having gotten up so early. And today… freakin Monday! I am not a fan. Functioning has been beyond difficult today. Sleep, I crave you. I may or may not be going to bed any minute.

Before I go catch some zzz’s… have you entered my Lydia & Pugs giveaway yet? Enter! Tell your friends! I’ll announce the winner one week from now!

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