November 28th, 2010

Thanksgiving 2.0

Thursday was JV. Yesterday was Varsity. AKA my weigh in tomorrow? NOT going to go well. Which is ok because tomorrow kicks off the NEW Weight Watchers plan… I’ll fill you all in when they fill me in. I have a feeling this will suck. ANYWHO I did not start this entry to discuss WW!!! I wanted to discuss the deliciousness that was yesterday.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and B’s dad’s house. Naturally we brought BCD – the recipe posted yesterday but it may not have shown up in your readers right since I suck at scheduling posts. But it’s up there. And it was delicious. I also made two desserts- poor choices numero uno & dos. I made Laura from The Luckiest In Love’s Better Than Sex Cake and Claire from The Realistic Nutritionist’s Frozen Pumpkin Mousse Pie.

For the Better Than Sex Cake (aka Poke Cake) I did a few things differently. First, I realized none of my utensils had round handles. You’re supposed to poke it with a wooden spoon handle that’s round and pencil-sized-ish. So I had to use the handle of an Exacto knife. Which is metal. Which picked up the heat off of the cake. Seriously- ouch! I also was lazy and purchased a bag of pre-crushed Heath Bar bits. I didn’t use the whole bag- but they’re great to have around for topping ice cream or mixing into cookie dough. This cake was the overwhelming crowd winner.

With Claire’s pie, I used fat-free ice cream instead of low-fat, and then added mini chocolate chips! In retrospect, it wasn’t the best buffet-type-meal dessert, since it’s frozen. I forgot about it and then had a little bit of a melted mess on my hands. However, it was ULTRA-tasty and the gingersnap crust really stood out. This would be a great dessert for a smaller meal, where there weren’t any other buffet dessert options. Melting = bad.

Before dessert though, we had a myriad of food choices. B’s dad made some of their grandma’s recipes in her honor, including baked noodles and strip steak. There was also a brined turkey, THE BEST mashed potatoes ever (I LOVE my step-MIL for these,) sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, simple buttered corn (a staple at all my family holiday meals, which I appreciate), fresh-baked bread, stuffing, grape leaves (their family IS part Lebanese,) a ham, and B’s aunt’s FAMOUS lemon salad (which maybe I can trick her into giving up the recipe for, so I can share with all of you?)

So as you can see, we were full. B gets his love of and skill in cooking from his dad’s family, so this meal is always looked forward to!

After the meal, we played a HUGE game of Apples to Apples. As in, we played until we ran out of cards. B’s brothers Andrew and Jeremy couldn’t be there (Michigan and Spain, respectively) but we got to spend time with their step-brother Matt, which doesn’t happen often enough. Unfortunately, my step-MIL kicked our butts in Apples to Apples. But we still had a great time.

I got these pictures with B at their Dad’s house!

SOMEONE loves having their picture taken. And I mean that sarcastically. I wonder which one?

Anywho, after dinner we stole B’s brother Steve and went back to our place. This is Steve:

Usually when Steve comes to stay with us (he lives in Chicago) bad things happen. Like people (not Steve!!) get arrested. Or huge family fights. Or plagues of locusts. So we were frankly shocked that he wanted to come out and stay with us.

When we made it home without anyone dying or losing a limb, we were pretty excited, and celebrated with cake.

Seriously though, we had a great time. We met our friends Aaron and Amber out at the bar B and I first met at (OPT’s) and enjoyed some brews and such. Nothing wild, but a great end to the night. I’ll be honest though, I thought I was going to die for a hot second or five because I was so full.

I love it when Steve visits because 1) he loves the pugs, even though Harley has thrown up ON him and 2) he’s like the brother I never had. AKA he enjoys karaoke and puts up with my shit.

Gracias for that, bro-chacho.

This morning, we slept in then went out for lunch. We had some time to kill before dropping Steve off, so the three of us went to Macy’s to kill a $50 gift card B & I had.

HELLO, Martha Stewart spice rack!

Why yes, I do enjoy your 21 pieces.

It looks wonderful in our kitchen corner! Spice rack FTW!

So I have like, 1,240,983 more entries I need post. Stay tuned. Should be a good week!

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