August 31st, 2010


What is substance anyway? I don’t know, but apparently, my blog? It has it.

At least if you ask Brandi, the Twenty-something Florida Wife!

I adore Brandi!!! She totally came out as a blog lurker of mine, and I am BEYOND glad she did. She had an out-of-this world wedding, and she and …READ MORE

August 30th, 2010

The Invasion of St. Louis

And so I finally added state #25 to my “states visited” list. As you learned yesterday.

You also all learned that I’m the only conservative who took that quiz and OH WELL. I still love y’all and hope you love me back.

Anywho, this trip? It was amazing. It was so needed. I was feeling …READ MORE

August 29th, 2010


I got this post from Hannah at Gator Tales. We are exhausted from our trip to Saint Louis this weekend- I can’t wait to tell you all about it! So get excited for that post, probably tomorrow evening, and in the meantime, read my answers and fill it out for yourself as well!

Full name: …READ MORE

August 27th, 2010

Random Talents

I’m in the back seat and enduring a long drive. Luckily my pal Amber brought magazines, including a J.Crew catalog.

Ironically, this is involved in one of my random talents.

Actually I don’t know if it’s ironic. “Ironically” just sounded good.

Fact: I am amazing at drawing braces on J.Crew models. The pen I have …READ MORE

August 27th, 2010

I love Friends & Family

…Old Navy friends & family, that is!

We are leaving for Saint Louis shortly, so yesterday I used my friends & family 30% off coupon. I shared it with anyone on Twitter who wanted it this week. It’s 30% off everything, including CLEARANCE!

I’m in too much of a rush with packing to take pictures …READ MORE