December 30th, 2010

2010 in Review

I love reading personal reviews from the year (and if I haven’t visited your blog in a while… I’m trying to catch up! My reader is insane!) and it got me thinking about how much has happened in 2010. I’m totally going to wing it by going through my photos, so here goes!


We rang in the new year with free food, drinks, and the bar rented out for us (for the first part of the night) in Broad Ripple. And B grew a mustache as a joke. DISGUSTING.

For the wedding… we bought B’s ring using the gift card I got for doing the Shane Co. commercial!


I made football cake balls for the Colts-Saints Superbowl. Sadly for us, the cakeballs were more successful than the Colts.

We went to a Vegas Murder Mystery Party for our friend’s birthday- I was Hot Slot Sally and B was the bartender, Jim Beam!!

AND… I got my dress fittings done!


I had my 80’s bachelorette party in NYC while staying with my sister Min:

And then, uh… I got MARRIED! (How can I pick a link for this one?!?! Ok… here.)

And went to Jamaica (after chopping off my hair!)


I turned 25 but sadly had no fanfare and no pictures. And then the next day sold my car, Bruce.


I met up with my high school pal Em when she was in town for a race:

And went to the Indy 500 where I promptly lost my camera


We dealt with multiple crappy basement plumbing issues:

And I did this to my iPhone:

June, you sucked. Let’s just skip you.


We went to the wedding of a friend (with lots of white-dress DRAMA!)…

I had foot drama from a dirty bee…

And we started our trek out to New Jersey, enjoying time with my family and a day at the beach!


We celebrated our wedding with my New Jersey family (aka, all of them!)

We went to the Indiana State Fair:

And we made it out to Saint Louis (a first-time visit for me!)


I wore lipstick every day!

And I spent a lot of the month trying to de-hoarder-fy our spare room.


One of the highlights of my year was finally MEETING MY TWINNER!

We fixed up and did work on our bathroom

Oh, and I started Weight Watchers! And got fired. So October rounded out on kind of a bad note.


My MOMMERS came to visit us!

I found a temp-to-hire job, and then we had my brother (in law) here for Thanksgiving!


We finally fixed our hot water issues! HALLELUJAH!

We exchanged presents for the puggies…

And for us!

I can’t wait to see what 2011 holds… 2010 has gone so fast, but some of the stuff at the beginning of the year seems like it happened way longer than a year ago. B has a new career starting, I’m also starting with a new job, and we’re moving forward… what will happen next!? Your guess is as good as mine!

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