September 11th, 2011

10 Years Later…

You guys might remember my recap of 9/11 last year. Growing up so close to NYC makes this a crazy day for me to remember.

This year is even more poignant. I found my old ORIGINAL online “blogs” recently- my diaryland diaries. I had a few back in 2001-2004ish. I discussed such gems as getting my driver’s license and getting into college. I even have a post when I lost my dad. It brought back tons of memories reading them. I also had two posts about 9/11 when it happened. So instead of telling you how I feel today, I think I’ll repost these, from exactly 10 years ago. It says it all. (Keep in mind I was a 16 year old… and I copied and pasted as-is; typos, misinformation and all!)

9/11/01 “Terrorism”
A few miles away from my town was hit by terrorists. The world trade centers in NYC, clearly visible from high points in surrounding areas, were both struck by hijacked planes. Thousands of people are dead. In mod 5 6 we heard fighter planes flying towards the area to defend against possible attacks. People in school were crying. I can’t even convay the amount of shock I’m feeling. Thank God that all of my close friends that I know of, did not have anyone they knew hurt. But still, we will know someone who died. Everyone will. This is NJ… that’s NYC. So many of our resdents work there. This is the freakiest thing that has ever happened in my life. The worst act of terrorism ever in the United States, and we’re living it. It’ll be in textbooks…. it’s just too surreal. Please pray for the victems’ families and that the victems will be given the best of care. lotsalove, *kel*

I posted again the next day… FYI GarGar/Garamella, Moriello, Minella, Trimmer/Trim, Van Gunten, and Clooney are all teachers/administrators. The rest of the people are classmates. And “whorfing” was our word for vomiting.

9/12/01 “Recalling Yesterday”
Hey y’all. These last 48 hours have been the most horrific of my life. I have never experienced the amount of emotions like that before. Here’s an account of what happened to me yesterday.

Well I was in wonderful GarGar’s class mods 3-4. We were getting ready to run the mile… again. Well Garamella, Trimmer, and Mrs. Moriello were all talking. Trim walked away in shock with his hand over his mouth. Lauren was sitting at their feet stretching so she listened to what they were saying. She heard what she said was something about a terrorist at a school. I figured it was a bomb scare at some school and went and ran. Well on the way to English all I could hear about was “planes” and “the twin towers.” But I had no idea what was going on. Well Todd K. and a few others filled me in in English class. Lauren E. came in upset… she was just with/talking to/something I dunno Amanda L. and she was all crying cause her dad works there. So Laur told me about that. I also heard stories about other people who’s family worked in or around there, and they were freaking out. Adrienne G. was flippin out too. We got like 50 phone calls to the classroom. Well people had shop the period before English. They said Minella let them watch the news coverage of the first crash. And as they were watching, the second plane hit. That’s what I heard. There was chaos converstations going on. In open, Van Gunten just made it worse. I had my lunch. Jess K.’s brother RAN in to get her and she left really fast. I was freaking out, me and Laur. We called our parents. Parents were streaming into the school. The guidance office was completely empty but the regular office was overflowing. Emily looked close to tears. Suddenly Lauren saw Em’s mom. Emily ran to her, crying. It was with such love but we all felt such terror too. Emily’s mom didnt go in early to avoid traffic. Why? fate, I think. Well then I went to go yell at Van Gunten again cause I heard we weren’t allowed to watch the TV’s! Van Gunten decided to make our day “as normal as possible” In other words she blocked the media and let rumors grow and start, and because of the parents streaming in I thought it was the apocolypse. Meltem’s sister was there, Emily P’s uncle, a lot of people I heard about. Also the McKinney’s dad was on a plane and they couldn’t locate him. Stuff like that was freaking us out. Me and Laur saw Derek and Trevor, one crying. Their little sister Riley came running up to one of them. It should have been a loving family scene, but instead it was fright and terror instilling itself in me. I was pretty much ok for the rest of the day, like art and weaving. At one point i freaked out and cryed, cause of the uncertainy of the wherabouts of some of my friends’s parents. There are way too many to even name. But in Clooney, he let us watch the news coverage(haha illegally). When I turned it on the footage showed all the debris dust all over. I said “Is that snow??” I thought another struck in like a snowy part of Canada or something.” Clooney said no, that’s debris. Suddenly I realized the hugeness of this whole ordeal. All I really got to see was the tower collapsing, floor by floor, into a poof of dust. I felt like someone was grabbing my throat. I couldn’t breath. I stared transfixed on the TV. I could not beleive it. I went home in absolute shock. After school I talked to a few people, like Amanda and Jamie. Thank GOD; their familys were ok. Well the car ride home I tryed to forget about it. I think Erika, Lauren C., and Dennis did too, as we sat shaking the Tealmobile (LOL LYLAS ERIKA! YOU”RE THE BEST!) Well When I walked in, of course I get to see the horror on our new huge big screen. The first thing I saw was the second plane flying RIGHT INTO the tower. I felt sick. I felt like whorfing all over the living room. I can’t describe what I felt accurately. It was too different, surreal. Everyone keeps using that word. Because it is! It’s not normal. It’s not a freak accident of a plane hitting a building. It’s a carefully mapped out procedure to wipe out what I think are the two tallest buildings on the east coast, all because we’re Americans, I take it. No one really actually knows the motives or whatever yet. I really don’t care. All i know is that I would give up so many of the nice happy wonderful moments of the last two days to get rid of the horror. Me and Lauren G. were discussing that. What wouldn’t you give to have saved all those lives? I can’t answer that. But I’d give a lot. I really want to give blood but I’m too young. Maybe they’ll make an exception. I guess I want to feel like I did something, helped somehow. This is history folks- but it also happens to be our lives. Please everyone do what they can, even if all that is is to pray. I love each and every single one of you so much. I am so happy you’re all ok. Thank God the worst part is over. lotsalove, *kel*

I never could have guessed what the next 10 years would hold for our country. And I still agree with 16 year old KJ- everyone should do what they can, even if it’s just pray. God Bless America.

ps- On a less somber note… how horrible was my spelling/grammar?! I guess we didn’t have auto spell-check back then… trust me, I’m appalled.

9 comments to 10 Years Later…

  • It still feels so surreal to me.. Last night M and I stumbled upon one of the many documentaries on tv right now and sat almost in silence for two hours watching it (and for us, that is a LONG time to be quiet). Watching tv from my freshman year classrooms in south Jersey, NYC felt like another world, I can’t imagine what it was like for you to be so close to it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rosh

    loved this! so neat to read what you’re memories were during this time compared to mine when I was 11. Loved the flashback though, really cool post. Miss ya sis xoxox

  • Rosh

    how do i delete that my grammar/spelling is wrong…… (shocker) it’s late though and i’ve been studying so that’s my excuse.

  • What a horrifying experience. I’m glad you had support systems and outlets to express your pain and grief, my heart still breaks for those who lost loved ones. My family lots a lot of friend sin the Pentagon attacks but I didn’t know many personally – couldn’t imagine.

    Also. Totally laughed at your grammar – love that you called yourself out!

  • Amy

    Thanks for sharing these–totally poignant to read your take as a 16 year old.

    As a random side note: my high school had mods too! I’ve never met anyone else that had mods like we did–everyone I know went to high schools that used periods!

  • Dancy

    Thanks for sharing this again, I do remember your post last year. I can imagine what it was like to watch your friends go through that & feel helpless. I remember it all too clearly… the panic of evacuating our offices and having to walk from Times Sq to Brooklyn because there was no other way for me to get home or off the island of Manhattan. I’ve never shared my experience, maybe next year I’ll be able to.

  • Love that you were able to uncover these posts – bad spelling/grammar and all, they’re still powerful. I STILL start crying when I look at pictures or see video about that day.. my experience was very similar to yours, seeing as I lived about 30 miles east of the city on Long Island. I remember that most of us just.. left. So. Many. People. had family working in and around the towers.. so much uncertainty and fright. I remember we had a food/clothing drive a few days later at our school to give to some of the survivors/families/firefighters.. it was the most we could do.

    Powerful stuff, even 10 years later.

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